Themes for technical assistance

While the detailed planning and prioritization of support activities is subject to the decisions of the steering committee, they are expected to fall into the following general themes:

a) Article 6 negotiations and climate diplomacy

  • Negotiation support (coordination, briefing papers)
  • Developing climate diplomacy skills of members

b) In-country readiness for Article 6

  • Support the piloting of Art 6 activities including the transition of CDM activities to the context
    of the Paris Agreement
  • Pilot domestic governance structures for Article 6 transactions
  •  Linking market mechanisms with NDCs§
  • Explore demand on and enhance MRV capacities in sectors/activities and countries

c) Support Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) for NDC implementation

  • Supporting the elaboration of Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) in West African
    countries for NDC implementation
  • Contributing to enhanced coordination between the different ministries relevant to the
    development and successful implementation of LEDS
  •  Fostering coordination between members, on the development and successful
    implementation of LEDS in West African countries.

d) Access to result-based climate finance

  • Mapping of (active) West African CDM project portfolio and potential
  • Understanding CER price requirements to trigger investments
  • Supporting climate finance applications (e.g. to GCF)

e) Access to carbon market demand sources

  • Generating a pool of carbon credits from West African projects to enhance the position in the
  • Establish routes to market for West African portfolio (e.g. to CORSIA, ETS compliance
  • Fostering demand from West African stakeholders, e.g. hotel industry

Technical Assistance