Strategic Partnership

Strategic partnership

Promoting Win-Win Partnerships with the Eastern African Alliance Since its launch at the close of 2019, the Eastern African Alliance is working very closely with West African Alliance to develop a range of win-win regional partnerships. Driven by common capacity challenges and interests in long-term Article 6 engagement, both Alliances are working together to strengthen cross exchange of ideas and capacity opportunities. A permanent communication channel has been set up by the two Alliances for improving coordination and the facilitation of planned regional approaches. One of such collaborative efforts is the setting up of virtual platforms for online trainings and exchanges. With funding from the Collaborative Instruments for Ambitious Climate Action (CiACA) initiative and BOAD, the Eastern and West Africa Alliance organized an online carbon pricing training. The success of the online carbon training inspired a regional approach by both Alliances for further initiatives that could engender cross-regional benefits. Thus, the Alliances have organized several activities together in promoting opportunities for member countries. The collaboration between the two Alliances has contributed to the initiation of activities including preparatory workshop series for Article 6 negotiations as well as coordination meetings set up to support formal and informal interactions during the SBs 52. In addition to inspiring peer-to-peer learning, the strategic partnership between the Alliances has improved understanding and consensus on key issues of regional interest particularly among negotiating groups such as AGN, LDC, etc.

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