With the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015, the context in which carbon market mechanisms can be used has changed. Article 6 of the Paris Agreement establishes new mechanisms for voluntary international cooperation. At the same time, the future of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is uncertain. African countries are keen to actively participate and shape the negotiations on cooperative approaches, CDM reform and (non-) market approaches. The Alliance works to inform country members on the issues under negotiation, link them to their domestic situations and coordinate a strong advocacy coalition.


The Alliance aims to enhance the position of West African countries to participate in international carbon markets, benefit from technology transfer and access result-based climate finance for NDC implementation.

Specific Objectives

Foster active participation by West African delegates in the UNFCCC negotiations on market mechanisms, transparency and climate finance

Promote access to market mechanisms and climate finance opportunities on national and sub regional level

Pilot the transition of CDM related capacities and activities to the Paris Agreement context

Support Article 6 pilot experiences in the sub region while sharing implementation knowledge in the negotiations and vice versa

Our Objectives