In order to achieve its objectives, the members of the Alliance and its supporting institutions have identified the following elements to its success:

• Per country, at least one member and one alternate member should be nominated
•Participation requirements:
i. To be involved in the negotiations on markets or climate finance (e.g. as DNA or GCF Focal point), and
Committed to be an effective relay (or focal point) in the country for awareness raising and stakeholder capacity building
• Per country at least one member and one alternate member should be nominated
• Note that while only government representatives are official members of the Alliance, the activities of the Alliance encompass participation by civil society and the private sector
• Member commitments

  • Secretariat function based in institutions that are already serving the West African region with regard to carbon markets, technology transfer and climate finance
  •  Implementing partners include the West African Development Bank BOAD (GCF Accredited Entity) which includes the Regional Collaboration Centre Lomé1 (RCC Lomé) and ENDA Tiers Monde (focal point for the UNFCCC Climate Technology Centre & Network, CTCN)
  •  Alliance will be managed by a dedicated staff person (Alliance coordinator) that sits within a regional partner institution
  • Thematic groups on relevant topics in the UNFCCC negotiations, chaired by members
  • Organization of regional workshops/webinars/trainings
    • Ensuring participation of key members of the Alliance in UNFCCC negotiations (COP and SB)

    and other relevant fora (ACF, I4C) through travel support and accommodation

    • Preparation for UNFCCC sessions through development of common position and technical papers, supported by technical experts
    • Connecting in-country stakeholders with the negotiations
  •  Serving as a hub for the integration of various initiatives with similar orientation that serve the region that can complement the Alliance’s efforts
  •  Relevant synergistic initiatives include: BOAD CO2 Initiative, BOAD/AERA Group partnership for carbon certification, CPLC African Consultative Expert Dialogue on Carbon Pricing, project on providing technical capacity under RCC Art. 6 and through the RCCs, West African Network for Climate Finance, UNDP funded MRV regional network in West Africa, NDC Partnership, Partnership for Transparency; relevant ICI projects (e.g. NDC cluster/NDC supporting Paris Agreement); the UNEP/UNDP South-South West African Network on MRV including the envisaged long term capacity building strategy on MRV for West Africa

1 The RCC Lomé is a collaboration between BOAD and UNFCCC and the Centre was established in January 2013

  • Through its secretariat and technical partners, the Alliance aims to provide targeted support to its members. The following types of technical assistance are envisaged:
  1. Negotiation support (coordination, briefing papers)
  2. Regional training workshops
  3. Expert support to countries (sending experts to the countries)
  4. Assistance for Art 6 of the Paris Agreement pilots
  5. Explore and incorporate interdependency between Art 6 and 13 (enhanced transparency framework) into country support
  6. Development of technical papers, tools and webinars
  7. Creation of an Alliance website where supporting information is uploaded (knowledge hub)
  • Planned activities of the Alliance will be decided on an annual basis by the Alliance’s Steering

Committee, consisting of the chairs of the thematic groups and members of the Alliance’s

partner institutions

  • Chairs of thematic group to identify relevant topics within their field, which will be proposed to

the Alliance’s secretariat, which prepares reports and work programmes for adoption by the Steering Committee

The initiative of creating the West African Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance has been launched in Marrakech, during COP 22 in 2016. But the Alliance is officially constituted by resolution of the first meeting of founding members dated on june 30, 2017 in Cotonou, during the Africa Carbon Forum


‘This project is part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI). The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) supports this initiative on the basis of a decision adopted by the German Bundestag.’

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