Ms. Asmau Djibril has recently been appointed as an alternate member of the CDM Board (Clean Development Mechanism).  In addition to her role as the head of Mitigation Division of Department of Climate Change in Nigeria, Mrs Djibrilis also the Alliance focal point and working group lead person on technology transfer of the West African Alliance. Indeed, the continuous and active involvement of Alliance focal point into the implementation of Alliance’s activities (climate negotiation sessions, webinars, etc.) had remarkably enhanced member’s visibility and engagement at national and international level.

Regarding the Doha amendment, Ms. Asmau Djibril facilitated an accelerated legislative endorsement process for the Doha amendment signature. By the closing business day of October 2nd 2020, Nigerian Government was able to submit the 144th ratification letter needed for the UNSG to allow Doha amendment to enter into force. This great accomplishment and commitment by the Nigerian government was acknowledged by Patricia Espinosa C. the Executive Secretary of UNFCCC, in the official  twitter account.

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