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    West African Alliance on Carbon and Markets Climate Finance

    The Alliance is a sub-regional initiative and anchored in institutions that already serve the West African region with regard to carbon markets, technology transfer and climate finance. The Alliance is a member driven process, where participating countries appoint government representatives that are involved in the negotiations on markets and/or climate finance. So far, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Nigeria, Mauritania, Guinee Bissau, The Gambia, Niger, the Republic of Guinee, Mali, Benin and Cap Vert have formally joined the Alliance.


    West African Alliance on Carbon Market and Climate Finance. Permanent Secretary:

    Enda Energie, 54.rue Carnot, BP 3370 Dakar (SENEGAL)
    Phone: +221 33 822 24 96
    Fax: +221 33 821 75 95
    Email :

    BMU and IKI